Welcome to “In the News”

Welcome to “In the News” at “Purple State of Mine.”

This page is designed to provide thoughtful, balanced commentary on trending topics related to the transgender community. This first post is an introduction to what sort of topics will be covered here, and how they will be covered.

“What can I expect to see on “In the News?””

Prior to the election of President Donald Trump and his conservative Congress in November of 2016, the legal rights of trans people were already in question in multiple states. Now that Pres. Trump and the Republican-held Congress have taken office, the pressure on the trans community has dramatically increased. From “Bathroom Bills” to the proposed “First Amendment Defense Act,” conservatives seem determined to push LGBT people back decades in terms of the civil liberties we’re entitled to. You’ll find that a big portion of the content on “In the News” will cover these legal and political disputes over LGBT rights.

However, that’s not all that I’ll be covering.

In addition to chronicling and unpacking the political struggles of trans people, particularly here in the US, I will also highlight positive trans role models, review trans literature, promote casting calls for trans actors, and share the stories of trans people and their loved ones. I will also conduct periodic Q&A’s for people with questions on trans issues. As the viewership for this blog increases, these Q&A’s will become more frequent.

“Where do you get your news?”

As you probably know, these are strange times. Many people have had their faith in the news deeply shaken, and “The Media” is now treated as a pariah, regarded with derision by people on both sides of the political aisle. There are lots of reasons people feel this way, and not all of their criticisms are without merit. Big, corporate Media are beholden to their profits, and more and more frequently, articles in once-reputable publications seem less like investigative reports and more like click-baiting, editorializing op-ed. So, where does a discerning consumer get their new nowadays? When I post here on “In the News,” where am I getting my information?

My preferred outlets are any sources that are publicly funded and/or have a long history of journalistic integrity. Corporate media really are flawed, in my personal view. If they are not misreporting or half-reporting unverified stories, they aren’t reporting at all. Culprits include CNN, FOX, NBC, and MSNBC, to name a few. I don’t use these companies to obtain my news, and I will never cite them as my references.

Publications you will see me reference:

National Public Radio – This station strives to hear the voices of people from all walks of life and actively combats false reporting, fake news, and political biases.

Public Broadcasting System – This station functions much the same as NPR, running stories ignored by Big Media and elevating voices we rarely hear anywhere else.

British Broadcasting Corporation – The station has a long history of integrity and makes an effort to cover stories from all across the globe. As an American, I appreciate an external view of our domestic issues.

The Economist: This publication writes through a more conservative lens, which I find invaluable when shaping my opinions. While the Economist claims to be neither left- nor right-leaning, its approach to most political issues is based in fiscal terms, which, to me, is a mark of secular conservativism.

Forbes: Much the same as the Economist, Forbes helps me examine potential policy decisions from a financial perspective rather than a moral or philosophical one.

The list above is not exhaustive. I’m open to reviewing articles from other news outlets, as well as books, magazines, and podcasts not mentioned above. I’m particularly interested in hearing from you, the reader. The opinions and experiences of average people are precious. If you have a story you’d like to share, an issue you’d like to discuss, or a new publication you would like to see represented on this page, please share it with me. You can comment below, or send me an email via the “Contact” page.

“I really disagree with something you’ve said. Will you post a correction?”

Above all else, I want to ensure that the information I share is correct and verifiable. Particularly on “In the News,” I will make sure to post sources and references to allow you to read what I’ve read, or listen to what I’ve listened to. If you find a mistake in one of my posts and can provide evidence for why I’m incorrect, I will absolutely revisit what I’ve written and potentially make an edit, correction, or redaction to that post. You can get in touch with me directly from the “Contact” page, or post a comment below.

Now, all that said, this is a personal blog that does contain personal opinions. I am not an expert, and I am only one voice. Sometimes you might find yourself in disagreement or even offended by something I’ve said. That’s okay. The point of this publication is to tackle difficult issues. Tensions will be high. However, no matter what your views, I am here to listen and work to understand your concerns. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to debate a topic, or would like me to share your counter argument to ensure your point of view is represented.

“I found this blog interesting/helpful/challenging. Can I share it with others?”

Short answer: of course!

Longer answer: If you do share this publication with others, please be sure to clarify that these are just the writings of one person. I do not speak for all trans people. I will not be able to represent all families with a transgender relative. I’m just here to help as best I can. If someone in your life would benefit from reading what I’ve posted here, please pass it along. However, the content won’t help everyone, and might be upsetting to others. Use your best judgment.

Thank you so much for reading.

Much love,


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